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MACH Broadband (Standalone)

With supersonic speeds up to 10 Mbps, our MACH Broadband is simply the fastest and most cost-effective DSL service in Colorado—and no phone service required.

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up to 10 Mbps Broadband
standalone DSL
from $35.00/mo


Mach™ DSL

We have two Broadband DSL options:
Mach™ & and Mach-Q™

All Broadband packages include:

  • 5 email accounts
  • Internet Without Limits!—true unlimited, unmetered, unfiltered usage
  • Nationwide Roaming Dialup for when you travel

Mach™ Broadband

  • Mach™ 3 - Up to 3mbps
  • Mach™ 10 - Up to 10mbps

Faster than Qwest DSL—Faster than Comcast Cable Internet! Mach™ Broadband is Colorado’s Fastest Residential Broadband! For less than Qwest/MSN 1.5 mbps, get twice the speed!

Or pull out all the stops and get the fastest generally-available broadband in Colorado—MACH 10!

For an instant service availability check, use our online service qualification form.

Mach-Q™ DSL

Mach-Q™ is provided in conjunction with Qwest. Mach-Q™ requires DSL Line service purchased from Qwest, with selected as your ISP.

Available throughout Colorado in the 303, 720, and 970 area codes.

Call 303-815-1000, or email to order now!

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