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MACH Broadband with PerfectFone™ Bundle

Phone and Broadband bundle for home and home office with up to 5 phone lines. By utilizing advanced VoIP technology combined with our supersonic MACH Broadband service, reduce your costs and get a handle on your services.

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up to 10 Mbps Broadband
1-5 Phone Lines
Long Distance
from $50.00/mo


PerfectFone™/MACH for Small Office and Home Office

The PerfectFone™ for Home Package combines:

  • Local and Long Distance Telephone Service
  • Unmatched High-Speed Internet Service

Signing up couldn’t be easier—just choose your speed, how many phone lines you want, and whether you want Unlimited Long Distance. It’s that simple!


  • Simplify your life — all your phone, long distance, internet services on one bill
  • Faster, Cheaper, Better
  • Keep your current phone numbers
  • PerfectFone™ is Emergency 911 compliant
  • World Class Customer Service and Support

Features Included

  • International long distance- always low rates
  • One Toll-free number
  • Web Site and Email Hosting with your Domain Name
  • Long-distance for only 5 cents per minute
  • Unlimited long distance available for only $10/mo per line
  • Additional lines are only $20/mo per line

Quality Controlled is not just a reseller—we have our own telephone switch and our own DSL service backed by our own gigabit fiber network.

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