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MAXX Fiber Broadband Internet

MAXX Fiber Internet Broadband provides Fortune 500-level business-class Internet at speeds of up to 100M up and 100M down and enables Cloud Services, quality VoIP & other mission-critical applications.


MAXX Fiber Broadband

MAXX Fiber Broadband ensures businesses uptime and unlimited usage. And you can now get our global enterprise-level technology and world-class support in your office. Cable Internet is typically built for residential applications and focused on downloading data. By contrast, our services provides blazing-fast transfer speeds in both directions - up and down.

MAXX Fiber Broadband offers reliable and fast broadband to securely connect you to your customers, your data and your office at a fraction of the costs or hassles of major carriers.

It’s simple and fast to switch and with little to no disruption to your business.

Take advantage of 100M speed Internet connectivity, right now and gain access to:

  • 100% true fiber connection, meaning fiber to your office suite
  • Speeds from 5Mbps up to 1Gbps available
  • Guaranteed bandwidth providing you more accessibility to cloud computing
  • Easily integrate voice analog, PRI, or Hosted PBX VoIP – all with guaranteed land-line quality
  • Tie multiple offices together seamlessly with one phone system and cloud-based virtual desktops even if some of them are in other states or around the world