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Denver Business Journal Launches PerfectFone - Residential Telephone & Broadband Bundle


(Denver, CO) March 4, 2005, a Denver-based telephone and Internet company, today announced the launch of its residential and SOHO (Small-office home-office) PerfectFone service - telephone service bundled with its "Mach" high-speed broadband Internet service.

With broadband speeds up to 5mbps (five megabits) and aggressive pricing on telephone service, PerfectFone provides some serious competition to both cable internet and Qwest - the local incumbent phone company.

"We believe that our service package, made possible by advanced new DSL technology, will set a new bar in Denver for residential and small-office communications. No other company is providing the speeds that we are, bundled with telephone service," CEO Jawaid Bazyar said.

"In addition to the fastest DSL around, we bundle in full-featured local and long-distance telephone service with all the bells and whistles - caller ID, voice mail, and so on."

PerfectFone is available in configurations up to 5mbps (five megabits) of broadband, and up to 4 (four) telephone lines. Long-distance service is available, in both unlimited and very inexpensive pay-per-minute options.


Founded in 1995, is one of the largest locally owned ISP?s in Colorado. is a full service communication company currently delivering multiple product lines, including Internet Services & email hosting, Telecommunications circuits (T1?s, frame relay, ISDN), DSL service, Web Hosting and E Commerce Solutions.

For additional information, contact Larry Coulson, 303-815-1819

Company history

  • 2003 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2004 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2005 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2006 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2007 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2008 launches wholesale EtherLoop™ for business VoIP providers 

  • 2008 est. partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver 

  • 2009 launches PerfectPBX™, advanced business VoIP PBX system 

  • 2009 acquires ISP customers of Axess Communications